There is a movement happening. A shift is underway. An internal climate change is occurring, to match the external one. This isn’t just a political, an economic, or a generational thing. There is a tectonic movement, a kind of re-balancing, taking place. We are moving from a story that was mainly about the individual, the survival of the fittest, to a more complex story, the individual in relationship, in context, survival of fitting in.
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Excerpt Two

The Sociabilty of the Universe (A Part of the New Story)

One aspect of the new emerging story of Creation is the role relationship has always played. There is a sociability to the evolution of the Universe that we can no longer afford to ignore. From our current vantage point it seems improbable that we have come so far without recognizing the basic cooperation that underlies all things. Indigenous cultures have known this for a long time. But the scientific legacy handed down to us was based on a worldview that, not surprisingly, was only partial.
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Excerpt Three

A Psychological View

A central component of the newly emerging story is relationship. The most dramatic aspect of this story is that humans are not alone, not orphans left here by creation, but instead are involved in a dynamic, growing and relational Universe. Humans are part of this unfolding drama, they have a role to play, and they have been endowed by Life with the resources to do the job. The ceaselessness of the Universe has never been factored into our psychological picture. Because we have not been aware of the sociability of the Universe, the worldview that has prevailed has blinded us to the wonders of relatedness.
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